Exhibition Categories

Sensor Expo Japan will have two exhibition zones.
This layout will enable visitors to explore the venue in detail and improve the matching of visitors with exhibitors.
Exhibitors can select an exhibition zone bearing in mind the purpose and intent of their exhibits.

Sensors and Technologies

This zone will exhibit technologies and products including sensors and electronic components and devices, as well as technologies such as AI and software.

We welcome exhibits of the following types:

  • Electronic components, devices, modules, etc. exhibited by application.
  • Exhibits focusing on specific elemental technologies.
  • Devices and technologies for which target applications have not yet been identified.

Target exhibitors

  • All companies and organizations capable of exhibiting products and technologies in the exhibition categories.

Exhibition categories


  • Light and
    electromagnetic wave

    Photosensors, infrared sensors, radiation sensors, ultraviolet sensors, laser sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber-optic sensors, illuminance sensors, photodiodes, etc.

  • Mechanical and
    physical quantity

    Pressure sensors, accelerometers, angular rate sensors, rotation sensors, displacement sensors, impact sensors, strain sensors, motion sensors, torque sensors, etc.

  • Temperature, humidity,
    and fluid

    Temperature sensors, humidity sensors, heat flux sensors, flow sensors, level sensors, density sensors, etc.

  • Magnetic and current

    Magnetic sensors, current sensors, etc.

  • Chemistry and biotechnology

    Gas sensors, ion sensors, odor sensors, taste sensors, etc.

  • Biometric

    Brain wave sensors, pulse wave sensors, etc.

  • Image

    Image sensing technologies, smart sensors, remote sensing technologies, etc.

  • Environmental

    Particle sensors, pollen sensors, etc.

  • Sound and ultrasound
  • Touch
  • RFID
  • Bar code readers / OCR

  • Sensor fusion
  • Micromachine,
  • Actuators
  • Sensor network systems
    and technologies
  • Sensor components, parts, and materials
  • Measurement, control, testing, and inspection devices, equipment, and systems
  • Electronic equipment

  • Communication devices and networks

    RFID, NFC, Bluetooth Beacon, Zigbee, Wi-SUN, LPWA, Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, etc.

  • Software

    AI, data analysis, data processing algorithm development, control, image processing, etc.

  • Electromagnetic, EMC, noise suppression
  • Battery and power supply
  • Other

    please contact us to discuss

AI / IoT Solutions

This zone will exhibit a wide range of solutions and products for creating a nextgeneration AI / IoT society.

We welcome the following types of exhibitors:

  • Those wishing to showcase their corporate visions and new business models targeting the spread and development of a next-generation AI / IoT society.
  • Those with comprehensive exhibits spanning multiple fields or business sectors.
  • Those wishing to publicize solutions in new and unprecedented fields targeting all industries.

Exhibitor requirements

  • Companies capable of exhibiting solutions and products in a way that makes the use of sensing technologies and other elemental technologies, systems, and services visible to visitors.


  • Distribution and retail

    Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, drugstores, apparel, etc.

  • Transportation

    Air freight, land freight, rail, taxis, etc.

  • Energy

    Electricity, gas, oil, etc.

  • Construction

    Housing [smart houses], etc.

  • Finance

    Banks, securities, life insurance, non-life insurance, etc.

  • Tourism and entertainment

    Travel, hotels, leisure, gaming, etc.

  • Medical and healthcare

    Hospitals, gyms, etc.

  • Education

    Schools, tutoring schools, childcare centers, etc.

  • Infrastructure

    Rail, transportation, expressways, bridges, etc.

  • Robots and drones
  • Automobiles
  • Crime-fighting and disaster prevention
  • Global environmental information platforms
  • Civil engineering and building systems
  • Agricultural systems
  • Comprehensive regional care systems
  • Smart food chain systems
  • Expressway traffic systems
  • Energy value chains
  • Machine industry systems
  • Process industry systems
  • Electronics industry systems
  • Smart production systems
  • Shipping industry systems
  • Integrated material development systems
  • Medical and health systems
  • Environmental pollution measurement systems
  • Infrastructure maintenance and upgrading
  • Sports
  • Other

    please contact us to discuss

Visitors profile

  • R&D staff, engineers, and marketing personnel from a wide range of industries requiring sensors and sensing technologies
  • Specialists and staff in fields including design, manufacturing, production, quality control and testing, procurement and materials, etc.
  • All those seeking to investigate or gather information on the use of new sensors, including healthcare and government personnel and social infrastructure providers in fields such as distribution, service industries, retail, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, transportation, communications, and energy
  • Persons responsible for promoting IoT introduction in a wide range of industries
  • Trading companies
  • Industry organizations
  • Academic, research, and development organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Consultants
  • Students